What is your business model?
How well do you know your customer?
Are you creating structures that will allow you to grow?

Business Plan

Consider using the Business Model Canvas, Impact Canvas or Lean Canvas. They look at your business with a birds eye view and draw out your key business assumptions that you can then test through lean methodology. Assessing your business early (and frequently) can show your business weaknesses and allow you to make quick changes to be more successful. 

Lean Methodology

Working 'Lean' is a mindset, where you work quickly with limited resources, to produce products designed for your specific customers.   Understanding this method will help your business save SAVE MONEY, TIME AND RESOURCES.

Who is your customer? What problems do they face? What do they value?

Going back to basics and assessing what your customer needs and wants, can allow you to gather insights and create products that your customers want to buy.

We will then establish the key criteria relevant to your success, using these metrics at every stage to measure your success.

Customer Insights

Media Strategy

With a Bachelors in Media, sound knowledge of the theory behind great marketing, coupled with years working as a writer, subeditor and content manager, I can help you understand how to engage your specific customer through media. A great media strategy involves understanding your customer at a deep level and communicating how your product provides value to them.

Let's work on building your brand, engagement and creating your marketing skillset.

Pathway to Market

Together, we can talk to your customers, assess the channels that they engage with - then find creative ways to reach potential customers with your product

Many start up founders struggle with following how much money is coming in and out. Leanora is not a financial genius, but she strategically knows how to create, edit and read financial documents. She learned it and so can you. 

Financial Literacy


Looking for something else?

If there are other areas that you are interested in learning, please contact to see if they are also in her scope but not listed here.