quit my job

That time I quit my full time job

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I used to be the Content Manager for a lifestyle website in Sydney before I realised that I no longer wanted to be a journalist. I was completely oblivious to all the signs until it hit me like a train, whilst I stood doe-eyed on the railway track. 

It was incredibly difficult actually deciding that I wanted to leave my job. The money. The security. I had friends there. What about my professional reference that I had worked hard to get over 1.5 years... would I still get one?

Don't even get me started on what I would then do?! I had no idea. It's been 1.5 years since the day I quit and only this month did I decide what I am going to START doing, not do forever.

The act of quitting actually takes courage. Silly really that in order to end your job, your world as you know it, you have to stand up and take a risk? Be brave. In quitting? Bizarre. 


I can only say it's worth it now because I have a blog and words to type. Also because there was a very loooooong period of 'unknown' that was really hard and now I am in a good place and therefore I can say it is all worth it in the end. Except that this is not the end... this is really the beginning of a whole new adventure, new career, new life.  

Are you reading this blog because you have quit? Want to quit? 
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