My first time pitching to a Venture Capitalist...


Venture Capital. Money. Me? 

After having a lovely breakfast at a cafe, I was feeling confident. I was practicing my 90 second speech on the drive to the cafe, I was still reciting my speech as I got out and closed the door. Usually an interruption like the door would put me off my speech, but I'd already practiced it half a dozen times and I didn't waver. 

So all this prep helped me get to the pitch, but in those moments just before. It's so cliche, but I actually took a deep breath and told myself - 'I can do this'. 

So I did! And they loved it! 

They praised me on my command over the space, the authenticity of my problem/solution. It was great. 

They told me, I may not be able to be funded by VC at this point, as offering a delivered food box is expensive to scale. That I would need to be an absolute boss at delivery operations in order to make my business excel.

It felt fantastic, knowing that they believe in my idea and my approach and encouraged me to keep going.

Can't believe it. Venture Capital. Me? Maybe.