I've been selected to pitch to the public next week!


Fussy Foodies is kicking goals. I am kicking goals.

This week, I pitched to my cohort of peers at the Wade Institute for the very last class of the Masters of Entrepreneurship program. I also pitched to all of my mentors, all of my teachers and a panel of esteemed judges from the Entrepreneurial world. 

You would think that I would be nervous, but it was pure adrenaline. I stood there envisioning success before my pitch and I took the stage and smashed it. Now I'm not a shy person, but anybody would be put through their paces in a pitch like this. Not only was the pitch graded for my overall grade, but it was also the gateway to the public showcase next week.

Which I as selected for! YAY! 

Tickets are sold out, but if you want to learn way too much about my start-up, then tune in to the live stream hosted on @wadeinstitute on Facebook this Thursday night!