If you are a startup, small/medium enterprise or a business that need to innovate, seek out my consulting services. I have four major areas of expertise; innovation, strategy, events and media. These four areas allow me to delve deeply into customer facing issues and develop new relationships to grow a business. 


Areas of Expertise

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I am drawing upon the formal learnings of the Masters in Entrepreneurship, my own two startups, working in four startups and the learnings from consulting clients. 

I advise with the Lean Start-Up methodology;

  • design thinking
  • customer centric design
  • customer segentation
  • customer validation
  • validated learning
  • customer relationships
  • iterative learning
  • 'build-measure-learn'
  • 'pivot or persevere'
  • prototyping
  • creating your MVP (minimal viable product)


Approaches to;

  • pitching 
  • marketing pitch deck
  • investor pitch deck
  • branding
  • media strategies
  • customer engagement
  • competition 
  • differentiation
  • channels to customers
  • partnership models
  • crowdfunding platforms
  • assessing pathways to market
  • how to gain traction
  • financial projections
  • financial analysis
  • growing your team
  • seeking investment
  • sales techniques
  • innovation accounting
  • metrics for success
  • creating your business model
  • creating a sustainable business
  • how to plan for scale


I have pitched, created, managed, hosted, supervised and reported on events with between 18-3000 customers.

I can help you with;

  • pitching ideas to stakeholders
  • customer relationships
  • planning an event
  • organising catering,  venues, entertainment
  • liaising with suppliers
  • crisis management
  • on site ticketing
  • on site supervision
  • event reports
  • event handover documents


I am drawing upon a Bachelor of Media, Journalism and Communications. Knowledge and experience in public relations, advertising, editorial roles and broadcast media.

I can advise on;

  • media strategy plan
  • writing content
  • editing content
  • managing content
  • social media scheduling
  • engagement
  • advertising
  • partnerships 
  • press releases
  • podcasting
  • video creation + editing
  • sales through media
  • SEO - search engine optimisation
  • editing videos and podcasts

  1. pitching 
  2. marketing pitch deck
  3. investor pitch deck
  4. branding
  5. media strategies
  6. customer engagement
  7. competition 
  8. differentiation
  9. channels to customers
  10. partnership models
  11. crowdfunding platforms
  12. assessing pathways to market
  13. how to gain traction
  14. financial projections
  15. financial analysis
  16. growing your team
  17. seeking investment
  18. sales techniques
  19. innovation accounting
  20. metrics for success
  21. creating your business model
  22. creating a sustainable business
  23. how to plan for scale