During the Masters of Entrepreneurship, I created two Businesses which apply lean methodology to test, play and sell products

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Fussy Foodies

A range of recipes for food intolerances sufferers, namely FODMAP and gluten, with meal plans, meal kits and exclusive events. 

The food intolerance market is burgeoning with opportunity, with gluten free now a widely accepted option in restaurants. There is research that shows that FODMAP is the next in line to compete, as FODMAP effects 1/7 people in comparison to 1/70 who suffer from Coeliac disease. Overall, food intolerances generally, impact 33% of the population. 

Customer testing showed that lack of knowledge and certification of products were two of the biggest problems. We partnered with nutritionists to develop each recipe and certify them safe. In addition, the meal plans and events offered a way to learn, whilst the meal kit was a practical first step to eat after diagnosis. 

Extensive research in this area revealed that there is a significant gap in the food intolerance meal kit market, with the biggest meal kit competitors not offering GF or FODMAP options.

We also developed a relationship with an exisiting meal kit provider to create a LOW FODMAP Meal Kit test. It was pitched, sold and eaten within a 2 week turn around. 

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More than a board game
CoFounder- 2017

A competitive and educational board game about bees!

It is well documented that bees are on the decline around the world. In Australia bees are currently exempt, but under threat from a pest that has decimated the population of bees worldwide. Bees help pollinate 33% of the worlds agricultural crops. Foods like almonds, apples, cherries and avocados are reliant upon bee.

There has been a significant rise in board game popularity, as they are being developed and distributed through crowdfunding platform - Kickstarter.

We aimed to utilise these two market insights to create a board game as the mechanism to educate people about bees and food sustainability. 

Many of our biggest insights were from partnering with powerful players in the bee and board game worlds.




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